Why do Business in Singapore

  1. World’s Biggest Financial Hub – Singapore lies in a strategic location. Singapore now hosts many successful businesses in the region as it is considered to be one of the BIGGEST financial hubs in the world and most industrialized country in Asia.
  2. HUGE Tax Benefits -You will be very pleased to know that Singapore offers excellent tax benefits for medium as well as small-sized companies, provided that they were formed in the nation in the first place. As a business entrepreneur, you will receive huge tax benefits in Singapore as they have double taxation agreements with more than 60 countries worldwide. In order to receive tax benefits, a financial statement has to be submitted annually to the IRS.
  3. World’s Friendliest and Easiest Place to Start a Business – Most people are interested to open their business in Singapore as it is extremely easy to do so. Not only it requires minimal effort on your part, but setting up a company can be done within couple of days. Unlike in many Western nations, it takes only 1 to 2 days to register and incorporate a business in Singapore, with assistance coming along the way by the government. Simply put it, Singapore is the friendliest and the easiest place to start and manage a business.
  4. Lucrative Place for Foreign Investors – You might be surprised to see lots of Singapore startups without Singaporeans in them. In fact, lot of business entrepreneurs are Americans, Australians, Indian, Spanish people, setting and managing their companies in Singapore for their base operations.
  5. Open Immigration Similarly – Singapore has efficient and open immigration policy making it extremely easy for foreigners to visit inside the country and look out for business opportunities.
  6. Plenty of Market – If you’re planning to open up a business in Singapore, particularly in industries such as chemicals and chemical products, electronic parts and components, mineral fuels, transport equipment, manufacturing goods, among others, there’s plenty of room for exporting and importing business opportunities.
  7. Strong Legal Framework – Another benefit business entrepreneur reaps from establishing a company in Singapore is that there’s a strong legal framework and strict protection of intellectual property of companies.
  8. Pro-business Environment – Singapore is famous for providing pro-business environment, attracting foreign investments and entrepreneur from around the world. In Singapore, you can convert your creative vision, ideas, and dreams into business easily and earn significant profits too.
  9. IT Hub – In terms of information technology (IT), Singapore is considered to be the top 3 countries in the world.
  10. TAX EXEMPTION on Dividend declared from Singapore Company – You’re right! Dividend declared from income earned by Singapore Company is exemption from tax. In order words, you may transfer your excess earnings out from your Company in Singapore without having to pay further tax.

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