Audit Services in Singapore

Auditing Service Singapore

Do you need audit services in Singapore for your Company? The statutory requirement is one of the reasons the company requests their company’s financial statements to be audited by an audit firm. Your company’s financial statements may also subject to audit or review due to the following reasons:

  • Banking requirements
  • Branch Amalgamation
  • Due diligence
  • Grant application
  • Industrial requirements
  • Shareholder requirements
  • Tax investigation
  • Tenancy agreement

Certainly, account audit does provide numerous advantages. One of the most obvious advantages having the financial statements audited by an audit firm is that company audit add credibility to information provided to shareholders. As a result, it provides assurance to investors, shareholders and other providers of finance who are able to make their decisions in a safe environment, with confidence.

What strength do we have

Our experienced audit professionals provide a range of finance audit based on strong technical skills and knowledge of accounting principles. These are complemented by an appropriate knowledge of business processes, financial systems, and controls. Even more, our audit staffs are bilingual in English and Chinese.

Our services approach tailored specifically to each client by our audit firm, together with our multidisciplinary team and efficient audit procedures provide the means for your organization to receive our services that meet the required Standards and expectations. Above all, we are obliged and assured that our company audit is independent, unbiased, professional objective and technically excellent.

What are the services do our auditing firm offer

When coming to decision making, it is always vital that reliable information, especially the set of financial information are reliable and expressive the true financial performance and financial position of a company. Furthermore, you would also expect to understand the business risk at a point in time and finding a way to manage it effectively. Also, the underlying system and internal controls that are currently in place are important factors while business is growing constantly. All these give you the faith requires to boost yourself as a stakeholder, investors and customers’ confidence. ACCORP is the audit firm that is capable of providing you the company audit and giving you the assurance you need.

Our professional financial statements audit services provide reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement and conform with statutory requirement and Financial Reporting Standards requirements.

We perform all kinds of special purpose assignments and audits.  Our qualified, diversified and experienced audit professionals are equipped with vast experience to perform any special assignment or audit to meet the different requirements of our clients.

This procedure entails a comprehensive and objective examination of the business underlying the numbers. It assists management to identify and focus on specific areas and issues and provides insights and comfort to them.

Why Accorp & Co?

  • Professionally qualified and experienced auditors
  • Vast industry knowledge
  • Cost effective
  • Compliance to Local and International standards
  • Added Value Advisory