Corporate Secretarial Services

At ACCORP, we provide the following corporate secretarial services at a fee from S$800:

  1. Annual statutory and regulatory compliance in Singapore
  2. Provision of named company secretary
  3. Proper maintenance of statutory registers and records
  4. Safekeeping of common seal
  5. Preparation of Board Resolutions on bank account (up to 2 times a year)
  6. Preparation of documents on change of director (up to 2 times a year)
  7. Advice on statutory obligation, secretarial, tax, accounting matters


We also provide the following services depending on the company’s needs:

  1. Effective reporting to relevant statutory authorities (ACRA and IRAS) of any alterations to corporate structures or memberships
  2. Preparing board resolutions and shareholders’ resolutions for different corporate actions
  3.  Attending to and recording minutes at board and shareholder meetings



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